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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Would I save money by changing to this rate?
    The Nights & Weekends rate is designed to help customers who are able to shift electric usage from peak hours (2 PM to 7 PM, weekdays excluding holidays, June through September) to off-peak hours. We can’t tell you for sure whether you will save money, but we do provide a savings estimator tool online at: www.georgiapower.com/nightsandweekends.
  2. Why can’t you tell me for sure whether I would save money on this rate?
    First, your current electric meter isn’t configured to let us know how much energy you use during peak hours compared to off-peak hours. Secondly, we can’t predict how much usage you would shift to off-peak hours once you are on the Nights & Weekends rate.
  3. How do the Nights & Weekends prices compare to prices for the standard Georgia Power residential rate?
    The standard Georgia Power residential rate is a bit more complicated than Nights & Weekends. Generally, the Nights & Weekends on-peak price is more than you would pay on the standard rate, while the off-peak price is less than you would pay on the standard rate
  4. Is there somewhere I can go to compare the two rates?
    Yes. Follow this link to see the standard residential rate (R-22):
    Follow this link to see the Nights & Weekends rate (TOU-REO-10):
  5. Is it possible that I could end up with a higher bill on Nights & Weekends than I would have on the standard residential rate?
    Yes, it is possible, if much of your electric usage is during on-peak hours. Often those higher bills will be offset by lower bills during other months, though. It all depends on when you use electricity.
  6. Do I have to go on this rate?
    No. Nights & Weekends is strictly an optional rate.
  7. If I switch to the Nights & Weekends rate, how long do I have to stay on it?
    You must commit to stay on Nights & Weekends for at least twelve months.
  8. Why is Georgia Power offering Nights & Weekends?
    It costs Georgia Power more to produce electricity during on-peak hours. If a customer is willing to shift their electric usage to less expensive off-peak hours, Georgia Power is willing to pass the savings on.